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It’s official, British Summertime 2017 is here! …so keep your umbrellas handy and don’t put those wellies away just yet! It’s festival season and that means rain and mud. Well it does for those touring the UK music festival scene at least, but have you ever considered travelling further afield for the annual highlight?  We’re here with some of the best offerings outside the confines of our shores. Well worth a look. On the subject of music we catch up with guitar and songwriting sensation, Ed Sheeran, as he celebrates the release of his latest album and general awesomeness. But if he’s not your cup of tea perhaps the hilarious comic Chris Ramsey will lift your mood as he reveals all about life on stage. Along with all the usual miscellany we’ve a selection of the top hybrid cars on the market and explore the best hangover cures for the morning after those long summer-night parties, plus much, much more. So, ciao for now. See you in June!