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A Close Shave

Are you still persisting with the ineffective and entirely unsuitable for purpose electric razors when having a shave? You are? Well read on. The only way to have a shave in the mornings is the honourable and very masculine method of wet shaving, i.e. using hot water, a flannel, shaving gel and a proper razor. Your ever rugged Mayhem! looks at the only way to shave.


The main essentials to a perfect shave are water and warmth. Soak a folded flannel or small towel in hot water and wrap it around the face for 15 seconds. This warms and softens the skin in readiness for shaving. Those who desire a smooth shave might wish to apply a pre-shave lotion to protect the skin as well as helping the razor to glide smoothly across the face.


Apply shaving cream/
gel using a shaving brush. A good one will lift and moisten the beard, preparing it for the shave. Always use a quality razor with the sharpest blades available. Cheap disposable razors have low-grade steel blades that bend when shaving. You may have a hankering for the ‘real deal’ of a cut throat razor but best to avoid these unless you’re a professional, an expert wet shaver, or Sweeney Todd.


Make sure you use a sharp blade which you warm under hot running water. Shave with the grain of your beard and, in awkward areas such as the chin and under the nose, move the blade sideways across the growth. Try not to shave against the grain as this pulls the skin in the wrong direction causing small cuts and ‘grazing’ to the skin and is the most common cause of ‘razor burn’, ingrown hairs and shaving rash.


After shaving, rinse the face thoroughly with cool water to close the pores and pat the face dry with a soft towel. A good wet shave exfoliates and cleanses the face, leaving smooth new skin and a healthy, clean appearance. Newly exfoliated skin needs to be protected from the elements, so for healthy skin it is important that men use a good quality after-shaving moisturizer or balm-try out a few samples if possible to see which ones suit your skin the best.

Many thanks to the English Shaving Company. For more information, visit: www.theenglishshavingcompany.com