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Look the part…


Whether you’re looking for a career change, a summer job or your first full time job, looking your best for the interview is very important. Not only are first impressions crucial but if you look great, it boosts your confidence and helps you shine!

If during your interview you express that you pay great attention to detail then you need to reflect that in the way you look. Start preparing a few days before – start with a manicure. Neat, clean nails look professional and demonstrate attention to detail. If you have a number of interviews coming up or are prone to chipping nails it is worth paying a bit extra for a gel manicure – Gellux or Shellac start at around £15–£20 and last up to two weeks without chipping! Perfect if you have a week of interviews and handing out CV’s lined up! Light, plain colours on nicely shaped nails look best.

In the few days before the interview use Elizabeth Arden 8hr Skin Protect on your lips, this will help to moisturise and heal }any cracks. If they are particularly dry use a lip scrub – Floozie by Frost French Cupcake Kisses lip scrub is just £4.50 in Debenhams.


Overdone makeup gives the wrong impression. Stick to thin foundation or if your skin is good tinted moisturiser teamed with a natural blush and highlighters will give you a fresh dewy look. Benefit’s Watt’s Up! (£24.50) is really easy to use – lightly drag across the top of the cheekbone and onto the apple of the cheek and blend slightly.

To give your face more definition, shape define your eyebrows by using a little eye shadow to fill them out and shape them. To contour your face use a little bronzing powder without shimmer or a slightly darker face powder and lightly brush along your jaw line and in the crevasse of your cheek.

For eyes use natural colours – browns are fairly safe. While you want it to look like you it’s important to come across professional and not to look like your going to be going out partying Thursday through Sunday – even if you are! Use eyeliner if you can do it well – if not swap it for an extra coat of mascara to really open your eyes up.

A nice natural gloss such as MAC’s Boy Bait is a great finishing touch, however, if it is an office job or highly professional atmosphere you are better of going with a lipstick – peachy or pink tones which blend in nicely with your natural lip colour are good options. Good Luck!



  • Always leave yourself extra time to get ready… Getting hot and flustered before an interview is not ideal!
  • Wash and dry your hair the night before; not only is it easier to work with, it also saves time!
  • If you are likely to play with your hair during the interview tie it up! It looks much more professional out of your face


  • Wear red lipstick!
  • Wear too much makeup – false eyelashes are great for a night out but not when you need to look professional
  • Put your suit on before doing your makeup – spillages are more likely to happen when you are nervous so don’t risk it!

Written by Tori Harris