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Charlie Simpson…

Currently touring the UK promoting his new solo album ‘Young Pilgrim‘, Charlie Simpson has gone from punk-rock band Busted to frontman rocker in FightStar and is now finally branching out on his own.

Having interviewed him in our April issue of Mayhem! We went along to his gig at The Pyramids to see what all the noise was about!

The queue outside was bubbling with fresh-faced fifteen year olds all eager to see their beloved Charlie Simpson. The intimate crowd slowly poured into the Pyramid Centre and the support acts offered an appropriate warm-up of soulful jazz, relaxed indie and upbeat rock.

The remaining fans trickled through the door as Charlie made his entrance. He was welcomed by adoring, screaming fans and copious claps and, having thanked all for being there, he began his set with one of his most well-known track Parachutes.

The track began with a tuneful combination of light drums and melodic guitar. Charlie’s voice was bold and powerful, which was complemented by the beautifully played instruments. The track had a tuneful, catchy chorus that everyone chanted along to with enthusiasm.

The gig continued to be pretty chilled out and relaxed. There were some memorable tracks including Down Down Down, which lifted the crowds spirits as they all sang along merrily. Towards the end of the set he began to relax and have a bit more fun than just singing into a mic. His music continued to be melodic and peaceful, but carried nothing new. Luckily though, his track Run Run Rabbit Run saved what was becoming a repetitive set with a catchy tune full of creative lyrics and he ended with his favourite track, Sundown, which was wrought with emotion and intimacy.

The only remaining connection between Charlie and his history with Busted were those bountiful eyebrows! His voice has taken a considerable leap and Charlie is a strong artist, just still slightly rough around the edges. However, he is only young so he can be forgiven for experimenting with his music and following his heart. We look forward to seeing what he plans to do next!

Written by Tory Nairn

Live photo by Hannah Mesquitta