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Love, Sweet Love

Conceptual keyboard - Find Love (pink key)

Conceptual keyboard – Find Love (pink key)

What The Web Needs Now Is Love, Sweet Love…

With Valentine’s Day on the horizon you might be wondering if anyone can find you somebody to love, to paraphrase Queen. Help is it hand should the old-fashioned ways have failed to find you your Mr or Mrs Right! And its sitting right on your desk, so why not allow Cupid to send his e-arrow right into the inbox of your heart?

Pull up a chair and get ready to pour your essence into a profile page as Mayhem’s Mr Loverman shows you how its done. Shabba!

Love Is All E-Round

First things first. With so many sites devoted to helping singletons find their perfect match, which is best? A lot hinges on whether you’re willing to pay for the privilege, unsurprisingly. If like the Beatles you find money can’t buy you love, a simple Google search should do the trick! But which of the plethora of potential online love-nests should you opt for?

Oasis is among the best advertised. You might also have heard of Zoosk. All very well and good you might think. Tap in a few well-chosen paragraphs about how great you are and how your potential partner should be falling over themselves in a bid to beat a path to your door alongside a few decent photos and Bob’s your uncle…at least, that’s the theory.

But is it really that simple?

Love Rollercoaster

Having decided to open yourself up to potentially millions of people, there are of course risks. Can you be sure that the lovely man or lady you’re talking to is really who they say they are? Put simply, use your common sense. If you smell a rat, hit that trusty ”block” button straight away. If somebody seems too good to be true, they most likely are. Any requests for money, bank details etc straight off the bat are a massive no-no!

Equally if they float your boat and really are the sort of person you’ve been dreaming of, don’t rush into anything. Get to know each other over a few weeks before a face to face meeting – while conversation can and often does flow via instant messaging, which is of course a great start to lasting happiness with the right person, the real business of actually being in the same room peels away the veil in a sense and its important to make sure both yourself and your intended beloved are comfortable with that before taking the plunge.

If you’d rather some of the hassle be taken out of the whole nervy business, there are creative alternatives! Curious to see whether something as rational as science can have its uses when paired with the often irrational depths of romance? Head to Eharmony, which puts the appliance of science at the heart of its methods.

If culture’s more your thing, head for Love Arts. To really get under the skin of that crazy little thing the French call amour with a little psychology, if you dare, try Parship! Though don’t be surprised if that ruins a little of the sparkle – getting too far inside someone special’s head might put a dampener on things.

Written By Chris Morley