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Giving thanks

The Art of Saying Thank You

That’s it folks, the end of another year! And an eventful one it has been – an awful lot can happen in 365 days. That is why January is National Thank You Month, the perfect opportunity to look back and be thankful.

What’s it about?
Nowadays, people always seem to be in a rush and under constant pressure to get things done – which is often when we take things for granted. National Thank You Month enables you to stop and genuinely think about all that you’re thankful for – be it the fact that your better half always buys your favourite chocolate bar or that your loyal neighbour waters your plants whenever you’re on holiday.

Positive vibes!
Whatever it is you feel thankful for, it’s important that you go ahead and actually thank someone for what they’re doing for you. Whether you write a note or knock on their door and pull them into a bear-hug, it doesn’t matter, as long as you do it. Saying thank you has a great effect on you as well: dopamine, the hormone released whenever you feel good, rushes through your body – and makes you want to repeat the gesture in the future.

Take your time
While the constant mayhem of to-do lists, deadlines and responsibilities surrounds you, you may find it difficult to stop and think about the things you’re grateful for. However, it’s actually quite easy. For example, take ten minutes every evening to write down something that made you say thank you today, or try doing something nice yourself.

That sounds pretty easy, doesn’t it? Well then, get going and say thank you, danke, merci, gracias or dakujem. And while we’re on the subject of gratefulness: thank you, dear Mayhem! readers, for an amazing 2013. It’s been a blast!

Written by Jutta Lasner