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Birdy has been busy over the past year having written/co-written all 11 tracks on her new album. Collaborating with some of the biggest names in the business.
Following her latest release we catch up with Birdy to find out more…

Since emerging onto the scene in 2011, Birdy has risen to pop stardom and picked up many accolades along the way. Her debut single, Bon Iver’s ‘Skinny Love’ placed Birdy amongst the UK’s most important artists of the moment.

You’ve just released your second album, what can we expect from it?
All of the songs on this album are my own so there is definitely a different sound from first album. Some songs are stripped back like he first album, and others are more upbeat.

How does it feel to release an album of your own songs and how was the production process different?
I’m very excited but feel like I’m starting again really. I’m attached to these songs and they are very personal to me.

The title of the new album is Fire Within. Can you tell us how and where the title came from?
All these songs are my own and the title is about my love for writing and music.

The first single, Wings, has a melancholic ring to it. What were thinking when you wrote it?
It’s one of the first songs I wrote for the album. It’s about a memory of a wonderful time with friends and wishing you could be back there. I suppose it’s kind of melancholy because you wish that you were back there, but it’s a happy memory!

The music video looks fantastic with all the costumes and make-up. Do you enjoy getting dressed up like this or are you more of a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl?
It was really good, my friends and family are also in the video so it was fun to dress up and have a good time with them.

Your mother taught you to play piano and your father is a writer. What influence do they have in your writing and music?
They are both very creative and I’ve grown up surrounded by music and stories, so they’ve played a huge part in my music and style?

Where do you draw inspiration from?
Inspiration for this album came from where I’ve been and people I’ve been with. My music can be personal but some songs are ideas and stories that I’ve created.

If your music could feature in any film, what would it be?
Bambi… it was my favourite film when I was little.

Besides reading, what else are you doing in your free time and what do your friends think about the success you’ve had?
I’ve been practising the guitar and I’ve started to introduce that into my live shows. I also love spending time with my friends and they’ve all been really supportive.

You recorded your first studio album in Los Angeles. Can you tell us about the experience? Are there any places that you’d like to visit in the future?
It was very exciting going to LA. The first time I recorded there my whole family came with me. I went back to record my new album Fire Within in LA and worked with the same people too!

I would love to go to Japan at some point in the future.

You’ve performed in a variety of venues big and small. Can you describe the difference between the two and which do you prefer?
Smaller venues are really lovely as they are more intimate, but the energy in a bigger venue is really fun!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years – what would you like to achieve?
I want to continue to write and perform music. At some point I’d maybe like to go back and finish my A-Levels, but music is my focus for now.

What plans do you have for your 18th birthday – a big party?
Hopefully! I can’t wait to celebrate with all of my friends and family.

Finally, is there anything that you’d like tell your fans?
Thanks for being so supportive, I’m so grateful. Fire Within is out now and I really hope you all enjoy it!

Check out Birdy’s new album Fire Within, out now and follow her 
on twitter @OfficialBirdy.

Interview by Jutta Lasner