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Welcome to Mayhem! 2018… and what have we got in store for you in our first issue of the year? Only Tom freakin’ Hanks! Legend. He’s promoting his latest gig, The Post, everyone’s going on about it, so we jumped on the band wagon, but truth be told Hanks is such a movie master he’s worth talking to any time. So we’ve got that – enough said really, but as usual there’s so much more. For those looking to impress this Valentines Day we’ve got top tips for a successful dinner and a ‘head’s up’ to the best spring grub. If you’re stuck with what to do with those awful granny pants auntie Janet bought you for Chrimbo, we’re here with a few ideas for how to subtly switch them for something more ‘you’.  As well as new trends to spot throughout 2018, fad diets to try, a look at the world without social media and a whole bunch of other musings, what are you waiting for? See you in April!