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Green lights are go! We’ve got the podium this month as racing legend and style icon, Lewis Hamilton himself, speeds into the Mayhem! paddock for a debrief mid season. If you’re a fan of the F1  go straight to page 26 for a few laps with the 32 year-old star. On the subject of style we’ve got top shaving tips and summer grooming specials. King of the barbecue? Page 18 highlights our pick of this years garden grills for the boys and for the girls we’ve got all you need for an afternoon in the sun.  The warmer days provide the perfect setting for a spot of camping, whether you lose yourself in the wilderness with a one-man tent, prefer the comforts of glamping or enjoy exploring with a camper van, the world is yours. As usual this issue is full to the brim with entertainment and advice, so put your feet up, enjoy,  and we’ll be back soon.