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imagesThe festival season is finally upon us and we are left no other option than to up the fashion ante amongst the knee-deep mud and abundant portaloos. With the Isle of Wight and Download festivals kick-starting the summer of mosh-pits, cheap beer and a lack of personal hygiene, festival-goers up and down the country have descended into dishevelment.


With the ever-growing availability of designer wellies (Joules do some great ones), farmer-chic is becoming increasingly admired by festival fashionistas. Gone are the days of slouchy tracksuit bottoms tucked into your dad’s socks…the modern festival-goer pulls out all the stops to stand out in the crowd (for all the right

images-2reasons). A flash of crimson lipstick is enough for some to show subtle flair, when others go all-out with lashings of modish accessories (crystal and chrome neck garments are big news for this season) in an attempt to compete in the style stakes.  


A definitive love of fashion and personal style rings clear throughout the mud-strewn fields, and reiterates our nation’s awareness of maintaining high standards…even when we are thrown into an environment where (deep breaths, everyone) straighteners simply do not exist. Of course, the matted hair cannot be helped, but this, for most, is the only aspect that defeats an otherwise perfect festival image, with full-make up and coordinating accessories in every direction.


Queen of festival-chic, the beautiful Florence Welch (of indie rock band ‘Florence and the Machine’), can be looked to for pointers on creating the perfect balance of elegance and practicality. Her effortless addition of romantic peasant blouses to a combination of desert boots and shabby shorts crown her the ideal festival fashionista.  A subtle but effective injection of glamour into festival life is crucial to make an impact, and the understated accessories that Florence is so fond of allow her personality to speak (or sing) for itself.

As crazy as it sounds, festivals are the new red carpet, with everyone on the look-out for style inspiration and the all important question of ‘who wears it best?’ floating amongst the baying crowds. Grab your glad rags ladies and gents, it’s time to sit in a muddy field.