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Five Steps to Perfect Summer Feet

With the summer going back and forth to wintry weather, it’s best to be prepared to bare our feet for when the sun comes out. Whether you’re popping to the beach for a sun and a splash, or walking into town, it’s nice to have our feet out on display.

If we’re not prepared it can be embarrassing when our feet flop in our flip flops.

Follow the Mayhem! guide for the perfect summer feet!

Step 1
A given is to cut your toe nails so that your nail is a least a couple of millimetres from the end of your toe, and file the nails so that it’s straight and has no jagged edges.

Step 2
After this use a foot scrub (any brand will do the job) to get rid of dead skin from the bottom of your feet (just in case people get up close to your little piggies) you can use the scrub all over the foot to help them be as smooth as possible. Or you could use a pumice stone if you prefer, and it helps to moisturise your feet every day for extra smoothness.

Step 3
Then if you plan to paint your nails, apply a clear base coat to protect them first. Then add some bright summer colours such as, orange, red, light blue, or your favourite colour.

Step 4    
If you’re planning to chill out in the sun it’s recommended you protect your skin…yes, even your feet. So don’t forget the sun lotion, or if you’re a fan of self-tanning, bronze those bad boys to match the rest of your body.

Step 5
Now for the final touch, the footwear. Instead of stuffy trainers we like to don airy footwear, such as thonged sandals, but a fashion trend at the moment is the gladiator sandal, which suit all foot shapes and complete the perfect summer look.

by Saffron Watson