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It’s official: you look younger than your years.  And to prove it all, you’ve got a toy boy/rock chick on your arm, looking all dapper, fresh-faced and rebellious.  Well, ladies and gents, how do we keep our relationship fresh and exciting for the next, erm, few years?  Do we need to behave differently?

Your loved one fell in love with your wicked ways, amazing brains or, let’s face it, your irresistible looks. Age did not seem an issue for them as they choose to parade themselves with you in front of family and friends.  They are having the time of their lives and they feel whole and serene or maybe, motivated and strong. Changing who you are will affect this balance and put off the amazing other half.  Be yourself and keep alive the brand that you are…


If the relationship gap is more than 15 years, you may have to keep abreast of new changes in the way of technology and social networking.  You don’t want to refer to the old vinyl and relate when the first CD was on the market when we are now in the era of the ipod and downloadable tunes.  You can’t ignore Facebook and turn a blank face to the concept of poking, adding / blocking a friend and the ever so popular ‘what’s on your mind’ statement…  You don’t have to become a techie: you just need to know what it’s about and be able to talk about it.  Your precious partner would be more than happy to let you have the latest news about what’s going on in cyber space or in the world of gadgets.  It’s a connecting gesture to share different views of the world.


You may be surprised when you are asked a bit more about jazz and 80’s music when you next sit down for a cuddle.  The younger boyfriend / girlfriend will see in you a wealth of information regarding a world which he/she does not know much about.  This difference will keep the home fires burning and will attract the other half even more because, let’s admit it, you become more interesting in their opinion than someone their own age.  You will bring fresh views on a world which they only heard about and of course, these discussions will kindle a higher interest in them than you would probably expect in the beginning.  Yes, you can bring lots of things to the relationship.  Wisdom or a different way of looking at events from a déjà vu perspective are not negligible assets which you can embrace.  The wonderful partner will fall in love with you all over again!


Remember though: a relationship is all about compatibility, compromise and fun.  Age and the counting of wrinkles need not be the issue.  You want the bond to last and its success will depend on how you help each other better yourselves and how you look after each other.  So boys and girls, there is no reason whatsoever not to date a younger person.  The world is your oyster…

by Vanesha Peach