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Through These Lights

Knowing that every music publication worth its salt offers interested readers the chance to experience a ‘sound of’ ( insert year here), you would be forgiven for skipping this and sneakily reading on. But why not allow yourself to fall into the musical rabbit hole in 2012? Come with me as I lead you into The Pressure Cell, ( emerging singer/songwriter Nicola Jackson,and D. M Kruger, formerly frontman of Descendants Of Cain).

The atmosphere is less Mad Hatter’s tea party than chilled-out post-rave, trip-hop/ambient, perhaps best seen through the haze of sound and vision. ‘Through These Lights’ as it were. And indeed is- the release of their EP by that very name on December 23 serving as a preview of more to come. Short but sweet, it swings from dancefloor to bedroom floor in but four tracks- opener ‘The Worst Has Won’ seeing Nicola channelling what might pass for Kate Bush’s darker side, a Cathy who might not make it home to Heathcliff after all.

‘Live Out Loud’, a voice then tells you. The lights are off and it’s time for the reverie before they sparkle back to life- synth and strings aplenty. Next, back ‘ Through These Lights’- tempo and pressure drop once again, night-time in the forests of your mind.

For latest news, photos and releases, see www.thepressurecell.com

‘Through These Lights’ is now available for download through Amazon and Itunes, with an exclusive pre-EP teaser ‘Wait For Me’ now on YouTube- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wz9oJgyy0jI- more is promised in the New Year.

By Chris Morley