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Yes, we all know that your decision making abilities are hindered by drinking, but did you know these facts about how all that hard living and hard partying can affect your good looks?


As you drink your way to oblivion (thus becoming the wittiest, most attractive and interesting person that you know), the alcohol that you have imbibed dilates your blood vessels, causing areas on your body to appear red and blotchy – hence bloodshot eyes! While this usually goes away with the hangover, continued and consistent exposure can lead to more permanent damage – such as deteriorated uneven skin tone and flushed patches all over.


Alcohol and smoking can be a devastating combination – just look at Keith Richard. These effects won’t show up straight away but, over time, they will cause your skin to become tough, dry and as wrinkly as a dried up old chamois leather. Smoking, more so than alcohol, determines how many and how crevasse-like the wrinkles your partner will wake up to in 20 years time.


The toxins that build up in your body as you puff away contribute to feelings of lethargy. Even after just one cigarette, the body’s ability to function decreases which means even getting, let alone sustaining,
an erection becomes a problem. And it doesn’t just affect the men – the associated agitation that accompanies smoking can also prohibit the sex organs from producing lubrication – one of the most common side effects of smoking. Lack of lubrication just where it’s most needed can cause sex to be very painful – that’s if your partner can manage to rise to the occasion in the first place.


Long before a lifetime of boozing and puffing sees you take a permanent vacation in a nice, little wooden hotel, it starts to stealthily hinder your bodys ability to absorb the vitamins and minerals that it needs to stay healthy – and, before long, your hair and nails will start to become brittle and dry as a consequence – with other ‘bits’ to follow. An early warning maybe?


One gram of alcohol is seven calories! Thus alcohol is the silent, unheralded assassin of the weight gain world, far more hazardous to hips and bellies than bread, rice, pasta – indeed, any of the dreaded Atkins’ carbohydrates. And guess what? You can’t just ‘burn it off’ on the dance floor. Alcohol cannot be directly used by the muscles, so it travels into the bloodstream where it needs to be metabolised – timely and inefficient, and leading to the infamous beer belly. As for ‘aperitifs’ – simply a ploy employed by bar and restaurant owners to encourage their patrons to order and consume large portions of food – alcohol is a very potent appetizer, so, before you know it, a simple wine and cheese evening might swiftly turn into a fast food binge!

Written by Edward Couzens-Lake