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Ray Winstone…

If ever a role was set up for Ray Winstone, it was as Jack Regan in the modern remake of ‘The Sweeney’… and it has been. So, we’ll marvel at the brash, bullish cockney completeness that will greet us on its release on 12th September… won’t we?

“It felt like the right thing to do at the right time,” begins a wistful Winstone. “You make good decisions when it comes to film roles, and bad decisions. I’ve been a bit more selective of late, for good reason, but sometimes something just slots into place and you know you have to go for it. This was one of those times – it’s an awesome picture with a great cast, and it’s the kind of thing that suits me down to the ground.”

Winstone takes the role of the late and rather more considered John Thaw, a bastion of righteousness against a gloomy backdrop of 1970s spit ‘n’ sawdust capital crime. The fact he’s stepping into the shoes of such an icon doesn’t pass him by.
“John was an incredible actor, so versatile and absolutely unrelenting. It’s a tough ask to fill his shoes, and I think all I can do is match his performance. I don’t think you can better what he did.”
Also starring in ‘The Sweeney’ remake is Ben Drew, AKA Plan B, whose , whose debut acting role has attracted arguably more attention than Winstone’s return to the type of gritty role that we most associate him with.

“Ben’s a top guy with real ambition and incredible talent across various fields. It’s been a great experience working alongside him, and I’m sure he’s said the same about me!” Winstone laughs.
Of course, in the last couple of years it’s been another Winstone who has grabbed most of the bright lights – Ray’s daughter Jaime, who as well as starring alongside her father in Elfie Hopkins, has also been embarking on solo filming projects as both an actor and producer, as has her sister Lois. Ray must be proud?

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