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Back to work…

It’s that time of year again, time to pack away the sun cream, fold up the picnic blankets and say goodbye to the summer holidays and prepare to go back to work!

Remember when you were a kid and going back to school was a love/hate time? Hating the fact that summer holidays had finished and you couldn’t hang out with your friends from dawn to dusk every day; climbing trees; playing knock down ginger and having sleep overs. The love side was the excitement of a brand new term, bringing with it new friends, new teachers and new books to cover with exciting paper or sticky back plastic. Your mum took you shopping for new school shoes and a new pencil case and it was all very exciting and each year you chose a more grown up rucksack or pen set.

Nowadays, sadly it’s the art of going back to work. Having a week off work and jet setting off for a stunning city holiday or relaxing beach break starts as a chore from the moment you arrive at work on your last day before your timeout begins. You struggle to clear down as much work as you can to minimize the amount of work you come back to. You train the colleagues supposedly taking on your graft while you’re away and listen to
the constant “you’re so lucky to be getting away!”

Once 5pm hits, work is a distant memory, you rush home, pack those last minute bits and pieces and head off to the airport for a weeks’ vacation. Admittedly, unless you’re one of those people who carry a BlackBerry for work emails or an iPad to finish up Excel spreadsheets on the go, then work has now become something you no longer care about, it’s all about converting the native currency back to sterling and working out how much this pint of beer is costing you, although, who cares because you’re on your hols!

Returning home signifies the start of setting an alarm for stupid o’clock in the morning, preparing packed lunches and sifting through a mountain of emails which arrived when you were sunning yourself. Are there any exciting parts to going back to work? Is there the prospect of buying a new pencil tin and hoping it makes everything less daunting or will you just hear “while you were off we found this….”

Welcome Back!

Written by Kelly Wickham