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Kissing – What’s Hot and What’s Not?

The team here at Mayhem! decided we would research the hottest kisses out there for a mooch-session that’s hot, hot, HOT! The research was super fun and here are some of the best (and worst) tips we came up with!


Basically this boils down to fluttering your eyelashes over your partner’s lips, cheeks and eyelids. It’s supposed to feel really nice, but we think it smacks of teenage-dreams somehow! Our advice to boys would be…don’t do it! For girls we would say only with a boyfriend and, even then, only if he really likes all that mushy stuff!


The ear is supposed to be one of the most sensitive parts of the body (that you can get to in civilised society anyway)! Softly biting the earlobe and making circling movements with your tongue can be really erotic, but make sure you control the saliva flow and keep smacking noises to a minimum! Perfect this technique and it’ll
work every time!

No, we’re not talking about really wet ones…that’s just gross! This lippy lovely is best performed by holding your breath, submerging yourself in water and going in for a sexy, underwater kiss. Great in theory, but a bit tough to practice in real life (great for holidays though). And no, chucking a pint of beer over your head is not the same thing and people tend to mind when you do that!


This is best used to give someone a ‘taste’ of what’s to come or as part of a break up to show them what they’re missing. It all comes down to grabbing each other passionately and going to town – one step away from heavy petting! Boys should place their hands on the small of her back and around her neck to achieve the maximum ‘ooh’ factor. Girls should go for the neck too and also grab his arm to make him feel macho. All parties should remember to squeeze! Good luck lip lockers! Mwa!

Written by Mia Habens